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The wings beat at your choice of five speeds, all remotely controlled. They reverse too, letting you go with a realistic feather pattern or with all-black like a traditional goose flag. Powered by a volt battery and a smart charger, the decoy has a flocked head and a inch wingspan. The knife is razor-sharp and super-light. I first tested this knife at bear camp last June.

But the clamor for a carbon-steel version was deafening, so here it is. The blade is coated with titanium oxide, which prevents rust. An added benefit is that the knife, when struck with a piece of flint, can start a fire in an emergency. Available in angled or straight versions , x85 or 15—45x I hunted for years with Viper HD binoculars and loved them. They were well-designed and had surprisingly good glass. This new rubber-armored waterproof spotter of the same name has all the basic features you want.

It shoots megapixel stills and p video with a 0. So instead of having to check all those cams—and disturbing all those spots—you check just one. With warm, silent Berber fleece and a windproof membrane, this combo is perfect for mid- to late-season bowhunting. The hoodie has articulated sleeves, internal gasket cuffs, and a fleece-lined kangaroo pocket on the top. The bib has an elastic waist and targeted venting, and can be quickly converted to pants.

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They are made from heavily vented stretch polyester interwoven with Polygiene odor control. This is minimal summer clothing at its best, perfect for scorching September days in the stand. For years, Sitka has been churning out some of the most innovative and rugged waterfowl gear —from jackets to thermals to gloves and hats.

Waders were the only thing missing from its line. The Mackinaw jacket is built of a burly and quiet wool-cotton blend in Mossy Oak Bottomland camo that vanishes in woods and timber swamps. The waterproof liner is heat- and pressure-fused to the interior of the shell material, which prevents the gloves from wetting out.

The articulated fingers and grippy overlays make it easy to reload and work a call, and the gloves pull off and on quickly and without binding. These camo boots are made of oiled nubuck and polyester uppers and come with waterproof Gore-Tex liners. You can get uninsulated versions, but the boots can also be had with grams or 1, grams of Thinsulate. The Summit 8-inch hunting boot relies on both treated leather and a barrier system to keep the wet out. It also comes in a inch gram Primaloft version. Outdoorsmen love the original Tundra for its extreme durability and wild-game-saving insulation.

The T-bar design of the handle allows you to pull the cooler next to you, keeping your heels in the clear, and the wheels will survive sharp rocks and rough terrain—no pump required.

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The LT30 is a quart beast that takes a fresh approach to the crowded soft-cooler market. View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. Follow us email facebook twitter instagram Google Plus pinterest youTube rss. Excellent hunting ammunition that works at all distances is in demand right now.

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Two legacy brands partnered in for a new line of serious gear. The cooler that changed the game just got a brand-new look. With that said we have still been able to accumulate high quality hunting setups without breaking the bank. We built our collection over multiple seasons. It will require patience but you can find some amazing deals on the sites below. Camofire Many of you will already be familiar with our favorite source of discount hunting gear. If you are not familiar, how it works is they post new items at deep discounts every 12 hours.

There are often times limited supplies and if the item is very popular you will need to act quickly. We have found it to be the best place to buy hunting clothing. We have been able to snag some amazing deals, particularly on holidays. Camofire has the best cyber Monday and Black Friday hunting deals. On previous Black Fridays there have been great Sitka discounts. Camofire also frequently has great deals on high quality merino wool socks.

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Fantastic Shipping, Great Prices. Camofire App for iOS and Android.

Items can sell out quickly. If you are looking for specific items you must be patient.

Cyber Week Deals for Hunters and Anglers

The best sales are usually after hunting season season. Field Supply is a website I came across pretty recently and I am glad I did. Similar to Camofire, they post current deals on their homepage. These discounts usually last for a few days. They almost always have great deals on socks, ammo and knives as well.

I highly recommend you check them out. Nothing I have encountered so far.

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This is a great resource for finding discount hunting gear. Hunt of the day is a site like Camofire but not quite as well known. It operates the same as Camofire. They post high quality discount hunting gear. It is not uncommon to see FirstLite, Lowa, and Sitka gear posted. Keep an eye out. Lots of high quality gear.

Smaller selection than Camofire. Cheaper That Dirt is a great place to find cheap prices on guns, ammo, and hunting gear. They have large selections of hunting gear, gun parts, and survival gear. The clearance section often includes sizable discounts on guns and ammo. Standard prices are great. Shipping often takes longer than other suppliers. Academy Sports and Outdoors. Academy is a great source for inexpensive hunting and outdoor gear.

For items that are not on sale their prices are usually as good as if not better than everywhere else. The Magellan Outdoor clothing brand offers decent gear for those on a tight budget. Cabelas Bargain Cave is another popular option to find discount hunting gear. It is not quite as easy to navigate as sites like Camofire but they do post new gear every week. As far as discount hunting gear goes, they probably offer the widest selection at any given time.