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May - Jun fr. Mar - Oct fr. Apr - Jun fr. Feb - Sep fr. One of the mobile night markets that are common in southern Taiwan, this market, in the West District of Tainan, is only open on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. It is the biggest of all night markets in Tainan, having stalls that sell snacks, dail. Audit Village, a base for young creative artists, is located on Calligraphy Greenway.

The Village has stores selling ceramics, wood products, and handmade shoes, among other things. How to go: Take a train to Taichung Station, transfer to bus No. Ia merupakan salah satu daripada masakan terkenal di Taiwan yang biasanya dimasak dengan dua cara, iaitu tumis dan rebus. Taipei mempunyai dua restoran mi daging lembu bersejarah yang telah diikitiraf halal dan sering dikunjungi oleh pelancong Muslim.