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These stellar photographs set the tone of the site and get the shopper excited about the experience, not to mention showcase whatever products they choose.

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Even using their own logo as the loading icon before the front page is a smart microinteraction that sets the tone. The personality of the brand is one of their main driving forces, and you can see it in the tone of their copy along with the visuals. Hoch describes it like this:. This humorous brand identity is extra effective in their content marketing, such as their video comedy series Drink Sustainably. While not directly related to fashion, it still provides entertainment about a topic popular to their audience: The format works by anticipating shopper needs and showcasing related products they might not have discovered on their own.

The stories change periodically, allowing the site to offer seasonal or trending suggestions. The CTA on Reformation is a sticky horizontal footer, with a bold black button standing out against the white background. Scroll up or down and the CTA remains fixed. This even translates responsively to their mobile site, keeping only the button without the other menu items. Another fashion eCommerce site that seems to do everything right is Beth Ditto.

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Namely, it marks which elements are clickable; animations of the O expanding heighten the navigational tool, adding a fun energy to the site. You also see the trademark shape in circular pictures in the Story page and the loading animation. The Lookbook acts similarly to the Shop page, but with more stylized photos for inspirational browsing.

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Their login icon is an ambiguous smiley face, which could lead to confusion and a UX snag. This distraction-free page is clear and to-the-point, and even the coloring turns mostly monochrome. Creative and formal sites alike know not to overcomplicate this crucial step in the sales process. The page has everything the shopper could want: What Nasty Gal does well that a lot of other sites overlook is prominently displaying the customer reviews and other social proof.

Customer reviews are one of the most powerful influencers in eCommerce , and Nasty Gal puts them right at the top, below the product name and price. They list only the star rating here, but when you click it, it takes you to the bottom of the screen for the full written reviews.

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The Look links to the product pages for the other clothing in the product photos — essentially allowing the shoppers to recreate the professionally styled outfit the model is wearing. The elongated lines interrupting the words in their main navigation menu may not work for other industries, but for fashion this splash of creativity is appreciated, especially when coupled with the floating animation on hover. One design choice any women fashion eCommerce website can benefit from is the conversion chart on each product page.

The actual artistry of their photos translates well to an eCommerce website: The shopping page further emphasizes their visuals. The minimalist design and pure white background push focus on the brightly colored product cards.

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Not all their visuals are on-point, however. An oversight like this could cost them some sales. Their crazy animations, goofy image choices, and jokey copy appeal to the same type of shopper that prefers the eccentric style of their clothes. Another nice choice is the customer service chat box.

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  • The icon is still goofy in the style of the site, but the option to leave a message for later is a deft decision. You can get hefty discounts on the top names in fashion without compromising style. Walk around in style without breaking the bank. Find some of the best deals from these online stores to keep your wardrobe up to date.

    6 Best Discount Designer Clothing Websites (Big Sales!)

    Check out favorite US websites that make it easy to find great deals, and ship designer clothing to your international doorstep with MyUS:. Last Call from Neiman Marcus is an outlet-style website that offers discounts on designer goods originally found on the Neiman Marcus website.

    They frequently have sales and online coupon codes for deeper discounts, so keep an eye out. New items hit the site daily, with sales starting at 12 ET and bonus sales starting at 9pm ET on Sundays and Wednesdays. Bluefly is a fashion marketplace for the style-obsessed.